Sunday, 27 January 2013

Listening Club - 27th January 2013

Good day to you, my little stroopwafels...

Bidding you a slightly warmer welcome to Listeningclub than last week - here the temperature has jumped up to the happy side of freezing overnight and rain now descends, speedily removing many layers of icy white and revealing a motley army of surreptitiously flicked roach-ends on the flat roof below my Amsterdam hotel room. Par for the course, I guess...

Meanwhile back in the twitter-pipes, last week found us all gathered round the 21st-century radiogram as @thejayarr sailed forth with a slice of Oklahoman insanity from Colourmusic named "My _____ Is Pink", which sat resolutely on the brain-scrambling side of the fence, flicking 'V' signs at normality. Thanks to him for the pick, and for flipping the LC frisbee back across that fence to @MonkeyTypes. Over to him for... ah, you know:

'It's strange how things work out sometimes. The last time I was in the hot seat I was frantically packing up my troubles in my old rucksack and about to fly out to Düsseldorf. This week I'm in the process of unpacking all my worldly possessions as I finally move into my own apartment. I'll spare you the horror stories of what Germans mean by unfurnished and I won't mention how much the rumours of German efficiency are overstated. However, tonight's Listening Club will be candlelit, with warm beer and reliance on my phone for an internet connection, while the neighbours peer through my curtain-less windows. That's living alright.

So onto tonight's choice and another case of 'strange how things work out'.

While enjoying the many bars that Düsseldorf has to offer, I've managed to find the time to see a couple of bands. Both were previous Listening Club selections and both extremely good nights out. I particularly enjoyed one of the support acts and at the end of the night bought the CD. I was unsure how good it would be, given that a lot of the charm was in the performance and presentation. However, after listening to it, I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed. It's what I consider a typical Listening Club choice, quirky, humorous and a little confused exactly which genre it belongs to. The fact it was discovered while seeing a previously LC discovery is merely a bonus. It's a bit of a slow burner but there will be smiles and maybe the odd chance to have a dance. 

So, as ever, turn it up, dim the lights, pour a glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy. Hopefully I'll be joining you, no doubt very hungover from my birthday celebrations the night before. 

You guys really do know the best times to fling the frisbee my way.

Beste Grüße,


Aroogah. Download is here (Dropbox link), or the Mixcloud stream is here!

Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin!

Hope to see you at 8pm GMT!

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