Sunday, 15 April 2012

Listening Club - 15th April 2012

Greetings to you all,

I'm wondering how many times I can write this intro and come up with something different... guess I'm failing a bit, as I've already resorted to the "I'm wondering how many times..." option, but there you go.

Huge thanks first to @dingster for last week's selection, "Coracle" by Walls, which wrong-footed most folks (in a good way), and sent quite a few of us into a deep, deep interplanetary orbit. Hopefully you've all managed to make it back into your own bodies relatively intact.

As is the custom, @dingster picked @monkeytypes as the next selector, so over to him for the pre-match chat:

"This came out of nowhere. I really wasn't expecting to choose this album. It wasn't even on my shortlist. I say shortlist. I think I must have gone through 20 CDs and still not made up my mind. Yet as soon I put this on, it seemed perfect for Listening Club. And no matter whether you enjoy it or not you'll be thankful that some of my first choices didn't make the cut. I'm not sure if our Sunday nights are quite ready for thrash metal/rap crossovers or Gabber concept albums yet. 

There's not much of a story attached to it. Hearing it now doesn't bring on the sepia tint of nostalgia like some music does. I bought it purely on a whim after reading some great reviews and being suitably intrigued. It's one of those albums that I instantly loved but never played that much. I'd forget I had it and then delight in rediscovering it every couple of years. I hope you equally enjoy (re)discovering it.

Very much looking forward to everyone's reactions, good or bad. 

Also, the temptation to choose Sting's Greatest Hits was extremely high."

Download is here (direct Dropbox link), and online streaming can be found here at Mixcloud.

Kick-off, as always, is 8pm BST (GMT+1), search #listeningclub and follow @listeningclub to see what's going on... see you then!

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